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A violin maker - Marek Tkaczyk is a graduate of the famous Antoni Kenar Art School in Zakopane. 

His passion for the violin started at an early age in the workshop of his uncle Jan Pawlikowski, a violin maker in Cracow, Poland. 

After having finished school in 1985 he served his apprenticeship at Jan Pawlikowski's atelier in Cracow. 

During his internship there and later in the USA he gained thorough experience and developed his own distinctive style based on a classical Italian theme. 

From 1986 till 1992 Marek Tkaczyk lived in the USA where he worked at Kagen & Ganes violin atelier. He has been running his own ateliers in Gdańsk and in Gdynia since 2000.
Marek Tkaczyk has made instruments for professional musicians in many countries. 

He believes that a fine hand-made contemporary instrument is one of the best options for professional musicians as well as serious students, not only because the level of quality reaches and even surpasses many of the old instruments, but also because the investment is very reliable. 

Good quality new instruments are increasing in value at a steady rate, and when undamaged they resell easily at a good price.
Making a string instrument is extremely time-consuming and requires some preparation and work, it is therefore prudent to order in advance.

Member of the Association of Polish Violin Makers


* New and second-hand instruments: violins, violas, cellos, double basses,

* Repairs

* Advisory service concerning strings and other accessories

* Selling of strings and other accessories

* Expertise

* Valuation of instruments

* Bow hair exchange

* Violin cases

Monday through Thursday 12.00 - 16.00 / All week after prior arrangement.


Marek Tkaczyk 
ul. Stągiewna 21/22 nr. 18 
80-750 Gdansk 
Mobile +48 606-782-813 


Marek Tkaczyk 
ul. Warzywna 11 
81-589 Gdynia 
Phone 058 629-75-78 
kom. +48 606782813

Pracownia Lutnicza w Gdańsku Marek Tkaczyk
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